WATCH: Actor Tuc Watkins Comes Out As Gay Dad

Actor Tuc Watkins has revealed that he didn’t just play a gay man on Desperate Housewives, he’s also one in real life.

While promoting his role in the returning soap One Life To Live during an appearance on Marie Osmond’s Hallmark talk show Marie (scheduled to air April 29), the 46-year-old actor who played Bob Hunter on the ABC comedy-drama said he’s now a gay dad who has welcomed twins Catchen and Curtis via a surrogate.

“I played a gay man who was married to his husband who was trying to adopt a kid,” he told Osmond. “In real life at the same time I’m a gay man trying to have a kid through surrogacy. Life and art imitated each other.”

Watkins said he was certain of three things as a kid. “I knew I was gay, I knew I was going to be a dad and I knew that Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is the greatest movie of all time.”

Yes, yes and yes!

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  • Homophile


  • bledoutcolor

    Who the f*** names their son Catchen? Your child is not a verb! The doctor should have smacked him instead of the baby -.-

  • Cam


  • Homophile


    Oh? Is he your kid? No? Then STFU.

  • bledoutcolor


    Why so serious? Umad bro?

  • alterego1980

    @bledoutcolor: IDK, “Catch.” sounds Catchy? (ugh). Anyway, with school friends like Apple and Sage (other celeb kids), they could make a sentence together.

  • bledoutcolor

    @alterego1980: Lmfao. You just one the internetz for all of eternity my friend. Well played.


    Am I the only HOMO, in the world? how come everyone is GAY?. AdamHomo

  • bledoutcolor

    @DOFEK: Congrats. Your comment just made the least sense of any comment posted on the Internet EVER.

  • Dixie Rect

    Forget about him, who knew Marie Osmond had a talk show???? I find that more shocking!


    PS – check out google images of Tuc…he’s smokin’….

  • Kit McCollum

    Tuc actually came out years ago when he played a gay movie assistant or something like that on a Showtime series called Beggars and Choosers. For some reason, it has stayed low key ever since. He’s just lived his life authentically.

  • Joetx

    After reading this article, I thought Tuc Watkins & Kevin Rahm, his TV husband in “Desperate Housewives,” were the only TV couple I know about to be played by gay men. But I looked up Rahm on imdb, & he’s straight. Boy, my gaydar needs recalibration.

  • Caleb in SC

    What a DILF!!!

  • balehead

    No big surprise…..

  • balehead

    His gay character on DH’s was such a cliche…..very insulting..the only thing they didn’t do was give him AIDS for a punchline…

  • Kieran

    How terrific for young kids today to have positive gay role models like this on TV talking about their own kids. I would have loved to have seen a matter-of-fact talk show interview like this when I was 13 0r 14.

  • Niall

    I already assumed he was gay and out for some reason when I saw him on DH, weird.

  • Bellerophon69

    Yes, Yes, and Tuc you got lousy taste in musicals! (Just my opinion)

  • Alan down in Florida

    He is a gay SINGLE father? How the hell has he not been snatched up by somebody special?

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