WATCH: Animated, short gay film about a boy with a crush is adorable

The characters featured in Carino (Photo: Vimeo)

A super-cute, short film about a boy developing an instant crush on another boy that he meets in the street is proving a hit online.

The three-minute movie, entitled Cariño, heralds from Colombia. It was created by Carlos Taborda, Ashley Williams, and Roshel Amuru. They describe it as, “an LGBTQ love story about a boy trying to catch the attention of the one he admires.”

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The youngster spots the other young man trying to buy a flower for his mom. As he is unsuccessful, our hero sets about trying to find the flower himself so he can give it to the boy.

Cariño is used as a term of affection in Spanish and roughly translates as ‘darling’, ‘sweetheart’ or ‘dear’. Check it out below.

The movie was posted to Twitter by Taborda.

It has received an overwhelmingly positive response.

The movie reminds us a little of the short animation, In A Heartbeat, which was also made by a student back in 2017 and went viral. Here’s hoping all those involved go on to great careers in the animation industry.

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