WATCH: Nickelodeon’s Pride cartoon is amazing – and some folks are furious about it

The Blue's Clues and You! Pride Parade wiht Nina West
The Blue’s Clues and You! Pride Parade (Photo: Nickelodeon/YouTube)

If you haven’t already caught it, the kids’ educational show Blue’s Clues acknowledged Pride Month this year with an adorable animated Pride March.

Blue’s Clues first aired on Nick Jr. (the Nickelodeon channel for younger kids) back in 1996. It was rebooted in 2019 as Blue’s Clues & You! It features an animated dog called Blue who leaves clues to help pre-schoolers learn about things.

The Pride March animation features drag queen Nina West. It was posted to YouTube last week.

In it, West sings along to the tune of ‘The Animals Went In Two By Two’, and introduces viewers to a Pride March. Highlighting two crocodile moms, she sings, “This family has two mommies, they love each other so proudly, and they all go marching in.”

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Cartoon characters wave a variety of Pride flags, as West introduces us to “non-binary babas”, trans beavers, and “ace, bi and pan” characters. Also taking part in the parade are “Allies to the queer community,” who, “can love their queer friends so proudly.”

Nina West shared the video to Twitter, where it received a huge number of positive comments.

“If you see me crying over the Blue’s Clues Pride parade just know I’m very happy,” said one Twitter user. “This is what I wish I could have seen growing up.”

(Image: Nickelodeon/YouTube)

Drag Race star West later thanked Blue’s Clues and Nickelodeon for including her.

However, not everyone is happy. On YouTube, Nickelodeon has turned off comments under the video. It has had 51k likes but 38k down-ticks. JoeMyGod reports on an email sent out by Tony Perkins of the ultra-conservative Family Research Council to supporters.

“Say goodbye to the regular plot lines of Blue’s Clues and Scooby-Doo — and hello to a 21st century lesson in transgenderism, sex, homosexuality, non-binaries, and drag queens,” said the message.

“That’s the new reality of radical programming on some of America’s favorite shows — especially, parents are discovering, during Pride month.

“Loveable animals like Arthur and My Little Pony have been commandeered by the far-Left for lessons that would make most adult’s jaws drop.

“In the latest example on Blue’s Clues, real-life drag queen Nina West sings a Pride parade song to the tune of “The Ants Go Marching” — except the lyrics have been replaced with “LGBTQ buzzwords like ‘ace’ — which stands for ‘asexual’ — as well as ‘queer,’ ‘bi,’ ‘pan,’ ‘allies,’ and ‘kings and queens.’

“Blue and friends watch their two-mom floats go by while rainbow and transgender flags dot the colorful landscape. This is just the beginning of Nickelodeon’s full-blown assault on mainstream morality.

“Like so many other Netflix and PBS shows, producers seem dead set on turning wholesome, family-friendly stories into a weapon of indoctrination.”

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