WATCH: Britney Spears looks on in fright as man rushes her stage: ‘Does he have a gun?’

Venues don’t mess around with security when big-name performers take the stage, and we imagine that goes double for a Las Vegas casino.

That protection plan was put on full display Wednesday night as a man rushed the stage of Britney Spears’ Planet Hollywood residency, Piece of Me.

Brit was singing (or not singing, the debate is still open on that one) her hit song “Crazy” on the catwalk when all hell broke loose on the main stage.

A man jumped up and was immediately dog-piled by a pack of security guards.

Meanwhile, the pop star looked visibly shaken as she clung to a security guard and appeared to ask “Does he have a gun?”

Breathe Heavy reports that after the man was subdued, the crowd cheered, “assh*le, assh*le.”

Brit was escorted off the stage, but returned soon after to finish the show.

Crisis averted.

Below are two videos of the incident taken by audience members: