WATCH: Did Gay Gang Attack 22-Year-Old Woman On London Bus?

The group of young men that attacked a woman on a London bus last summer may have been gay, GayStarNews reports.

Police recently released CCTV footage of the incident in hopes of tracking down the assailants in the August 29 attack.

The footage shows five men approach a 22-year-old woman seated at the back of the bus. Words are exchanged before one of the men pours a can of soda over the woman’s head and another man pulls her hair. Slapping and scratching ensue before the woman falls to the floor and the five men exit the vehicle.

After the attack, the women is reported to have checked into a local hospital and released shortly thereafter. Her injuries were deemed “not severe.”

The men in the video all appear to be well-dressed and in their late teens or early 20’s. Before the attack, one of the men sits on another man’s lap, which has led some people to wonder: Were the men gay?

London police told GayStarNews that it’s “impossible to tell” what the five men’s sexual orientation is, though they did say the group may be “known” to the gay community in the city. Police failed to mention what, if any, significance this had in the case.

See out the CCTV video below.