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WATCH: Fisherman Catches Fish With A Different Sort Of Rod


Quote of the week: “Look what I’ve caught on my ‘worm!’ F*ck, it could bite it off, f*ck!”

Things happen in this life. Some good, some bad, and some involving a fish that mistakes your penis for bait and takes a hearty death-grip nibble.

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As you may have guessed, this post pertains chiefly to the latter scenario. As The Mirror reports, video has surfaced which appears to show a man diving into a river — only to have an extremely floppy fish immediately lunge for his groin and refuse to let go of the most vulnerable part of a man’s body.

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The man runs screaming out of the water, as one does. It’s all a bit much, to be honest.

See for yourself. This is certifiable clickbait dickbait: