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WATCH: Gaga’s ‘Rain On Me’ routine almost ends in tragedy for one fan

Andres Castro performs the
(Images: @andresqcastro | Twitter)

Lady Gaga released her duet with Arianna Grande last week, entitled “Rain On Me”. Fans have praised the video and worked hard to learn the dance moves, posting the results to social media.

What could be more impressive than just recreating the moves? How about performing the dance as actual rain lashes down upon you?

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When one social media influencer, Andres Castro (@andresqcastro) in Houston, Texas, saw rain forecast, the vegan chef took the opportunity to show off his “Rain On Me” moves in his back yard. However, the routine had to be quickly aborted when a tree came hurtling toward him.

Much of South Texas was lashed by extreme storms yesterday, with some local authorities even issuing tornado warnings.

@andresqcastroAlmost died doing the Rain on Me dance. ⛈ ##rainonme ##fail ##fyp @arianagrande @ladygaga♬ Rain On Me – Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande

Castro also posted the video to Twitter, where’s it’s been viewed over a million times. “I said Rain on Me not drop a tree on me,” he said in a caption accompanying the video.

He also posted before and after photos of the damage.

In answer to one person’s question, he assured followers the incident was not planned and was indeed very frightening.

Many commentators quipped on the lyrics to Gaga’s new single.

Others wondered if the tree was homophobic.

We’re glad to report Andres appeared unhurt by the incident. Lady Gaga’s new album, Chromatica, is released tomorrow.