WATCH: James Franco Directs A Film — With No Gay Content!

Will wonders never cease? James Franco‘s next directorial project has nary a hint of LGBT content, even in its subtext. Following his numerous films about queer icons such as Sal Mineo and Hart Crane, the multi-hypenate entertainer directs, stars in and even cowrote an adaptation of William Faulkner’s very somber and gay-free As I Lay Dying. If the 1930 novel was part of your American Lit 101 curriculum, you’ll remember that it’s a complicated tale about a Southern family’s quest to honor the final wish of its dying matriarch —hence the title. Pretty heavy stuff, right? The film will have its world premiere next week at the Cannes Film Festival. But as a generous concession to his core (and very devoted) audience, Franco also cast that delectable Tom Hardy-lookalike Logan Marshall Green. Thanks, James!