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WATCH: Jon Hamm asked point-blank about his “Hammaconda”

James Corden’s “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” is a cross between “Truth or Dare” and “Fear Factor”, revealing just how far celebrities will go to avoid answering uncomfortable questions.

Jon Hamm sat down at the wheel-of-disgust this week, trading off questions with Corden, answering very few of them, and the two subsequently put things like dried tarantulas and chili cheese dog smoothies in their mouths.


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The final question the Late Late Show host asked Hamm was one the internet has long speculated over: How big, really, is the so-called “Hammaconda”?

Hamm could either answer the very simple question or consume dried bull penis.

It truly is the golden age of television.

Watch the dramatic conclusion at the 12:00 mark: