Big Problems

Jon Hamm Thinks Rumors About His Girth Are “Not The Worst,” Okay?


People will talk — there’s no preventing it.

And if that’s the world in which we live, perhaps there are worse things than lips incessantly flapping about the girth of your impossibly large and arduous manhood.

That’s what actor Jon Hamm thinks anyway, if not in so many words.

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As US Weekly reports, Jon is just like us, provided we’re all wildly rich and charismatic actors with monstrous appendages swinging between our legs like the pendulum of granddad clock.

“It was a topic of fascination for other people, certainly not me,” he fascinatingly tells GQ Australia, our favorite magazine.

“By the way, as rumors go, not the worst.”

His mood about the whole non-scandal has lightened considerably sincethe halcyon days of 2013 when paparazzi snapped a photo of Hamm taking a leisurely stroll with then-girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt and, apparently, no underwear.

“They’re called ‘privates’ for a reason,” the usually game entertainer fumed to Rolling Stone when asked about the photo back in the day. “I’m wearing pants, for f–k’s sake. Lay off.”

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We’ve heard that so many times, but never from Hamm.

This was roughly the same period New York Daily News reported a breathless source claiming “Jon’s impressive anatomy is so distracting [on set] that they politely insisted underwear.”

In related non-news, we wish US Weekly wouldn’t refer to Hamm’s penis as his “Hammaconda,” but life is full of disappointments for the vast majority of us who don’t have the fortunate of being Jon Hamm.