WATCH: Kirk Cameron “Struttin’ And Prancin'” With Marie Osmond On Vintage Bob Hope Special

Kirk Cameron may be America’s most famous homophobe right now but, back in 1988, he was a teen idol who somehow got shoehorned into doing a song-and-dance routine with Marie Osmond on this vintage Bob Hope special.

Watching this clip, we’re reeling with questions:

*Was Cameron an innocent kid who morphed into a fear-mongering Fundamentalist or can you see the Devil in his eyes even back then?

*Given that Marie has been openly supportive of her lesbian daughter, what’s her take on his recent anti-gay rant?

*Who the hell was the hairstylist on that show? Seriously, Kirk has the shaggy mane of a bearded collie and Marie looks like she went a few rounds with Edward Scissorhands. We know it was the ’80s, but still!

(Thanks to SuchIsLife and Queerty reader Dave Evans)