WATCH: Kirk Cameron “Struttin’ And Prancin'” With Marie Osmond On Vintage Bob Hope Special

Kirk Cameron may be America’s most famous homophobe right now but, back in 1988, he was a teen idol who somehow got shoehorned into doing a song-and-dance routine with Marie Osmond on this vintage Bob Hope special.

Watching this clip, we’re reeling with questions:

*Was Cameron an innocent kid who morphed into a fear-mongering Fundamentalist or can you see the Devil in his eyes even back then?

*Given that Marie has been openly supportive of her lesbian daughter, what’s her take on his recent anti-gay rant?

*Who the hell was the hairstylist on that show? Seriously, Kirk has the shaggy mane of a bearded collie and Marie looks like she went a few rounds with Edward Scissorhands. We know it was the ’80s, but still!

(Thanks to SuchIsLife and Queerty reader Dave Evans)

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  • mattsy

    Looks like F doesnt only stand for FAIL in this Kirksy
    What a fag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • randy

    NOt even good lip syncing.

  • dave

    What a nightmare decade that was.

  • RJM

    Marie always looks great..Love her!! Kirk should be honored to have this under his belt…the rest of his career was downhill after growing pains..

  • MEJ

    You can blame his then girlfriend, and current wife for his transformation into bigot. She landed a bit part on Growing Pains, started dating Kirk and put a bug in his ear about getting her a bigger role on the show. And then pretty much brainwashed him into the monster he became on the show, and the bigot he is today.

    That Christian pussy must be amazing!

  • CBRad

    That stage is full of phallic symbols.

  • Farquart

    Please, put him back into the vault.

  • pedro

    Thank God I wasn’t alive when people thought it was fine dressing like this…and what the hell is with Marie Osmond’s hair…Was that really considered attractive? She looks like the bride of Frankenstein…Talk about cheesy crap!

  • Nan

    Why does this guy continue to get any press whatsoever? He was a nothing then, even less so now. The above poster is right about his wife creating the hateful little twit he is today. Blech!

  • Gregg

    Too bad he’s become such a growing pain in the ass now.

  • TJ

    Go Marie – this was her original face.

  • PTBoat

    perhaps one of his park tricks will finally out him on camera or something.

  • Bob

    Oh, come on! Even if you could prove he orcestrated the Holocaust and committed all the murders attributed to John Wayne Casey, he was still cute as hell back then.

  • Huh ...

    @Bob: Meh. I was always a Michael J. Fox man myself. (With Jason Bateman as runner-up).

  • FunMe

    As Whoopie Goldberg said … groan pains.

  • FunMe

    His moves are not that bad … GAY!

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Huh …: While you take Jason Bateman I’ll take Ricky Schroder. And the guy who played his dad. And Gary Sandy from WKRP in Cincinnati. Hell, I’d do an unpaid intern from the set of Empty Nest before I gave the time of day to Grand Wazir Kirk I of Washedupistan. In fact, my list of 80s sitcom stars I’d do before him is so long I had to expand it to include mannish women like Bea Arthur and Nancy McKeon. Someone who believes bananas “disprove” evolution isn’t even worth a hatefuck. Let’s exercise SOME standards, people!

  • CBRad

    @Queer Supremacist: YOU would take Ricky Schroder ?! A NYC kraut who’s converted to Mormonism !

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