WATCH: Jane Lynch, Jesse Tyler Ferguson (And Everyone Else) Star In “LGBT Americans For Obama”

The Obama campaign recruited some of America’s favorite LGBT personalities to voice their endorsement for the President’s re-election. Jane Lynch, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Billie Jean King, George Takei, Wanda Sykes, Zachary Quinto, and Chaz Bono recall the personal difficulties they’ve faced as queer Americans as well as the pride they have in a President with such a strong record on LGBT rights and issues.  A bit of warning, get out the hankies when JTF starts talking about Obama’s historic support for gay marriage.

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  • Dumdum

    Oh help me Jesus !!! Save us all from those crazy leftist liberal losers and their artistic liberal media cronies and all the liberal arts students sucking on the withered teat of poor lady liberty. Just wanted to beat BJMcStupid and all the other Gay Republicans to the punch. Please insert sarcasm here. Or there or whatever. It’s sarcasm.

  • Avenger

    Precisely why I’ll be voting for Romney. Thanks.

  • dellisonly

    @Avenger: Because sarcasm confuses and offends you? Romney and his mere existence offends me

  • jeff4justice

    My LGBT brothers and sisters apparently do not mind how far to the right Obama has moved with his drone attacks, attacks on medical marijuana users, attacks on protestor’s rights, attacks on whistleblowers…. I guess those oppressed people can be thrown under a bus the same way some LGBTs wanted to throw transgender folks under the bus.

    And we have the audacity to be offended when Prop 8 Republican lawyer Ted Olson helps Romney/Ryan try to win?

    I notice the Coors ad here on Queerty. Funny… Coors is a sponsors of the Commission On Presidential Debates (CDP) – the corporately sponsored nonprofit (which means these sponsors get tax write offs) which is run by the 2party system charade has been revealed for anti-democratic Republican/Democrat front group that it is.

    On Democracy Now, you can hear all about how Obama/Romney agreed to only participate in carefully controlled debates organized by the CDP:

    Now, if any of you owned a business and needed a contractor, would you limit yourselves to 2 different companies? Of course not. Yet the media (owned by a handful of corporations) either ignores alternative party options or refers to them in a derogatory context to condition voters to be afraid of them – “spoiler” “underdog” “long-shot.” It’s a total catch 22 especially considering most alternative party options reject corporate donations.

    And LGBT media goes along with is in their short-sighted desperate attempt to stay cool with the corporately backed LGBT mega groups – of course they do not want to piss them off and not get their precious media passes to red carpet events. Why do you think you never see the so-called indie LGBT blogs mention “Gay Inc” anymore?

    The LGBT so-called media and mega groups have devolved into Republican-like goons all to happy to throw the oppressed of the oppressed under a bus for their short-term gain… And I write “short term” becuase what happens to equality when America crumbles as all of our other civil liberties are eroded as the 2party system charade endangers us all with an economic collapse, a food crisis, a major energy blackout, or WW3.

  • suprmanjoe

    @jeff4justice: I don’t know what bothers me more … the way you misrepresent the facts in your article or the way you end with ridiculous conspiracy theories about an upcoming hypothetical armageddon.

    While I can’t say that I agree with basically anything that you say, I do agree with your right to say it. And while the Romney/Ryan ticket argues that smaller government with less control is the way to economic growth and vitality, it’s interesting that on social and civil rights they believe the opposite. Marriage equality, abortion, education all would have drastic changes initiated by the executive branch under the GOP ticket. Their take on labor unions is interesting, that while they are arguing that 3% of “small business owners” will have their taxes raised under Obama, the workers who are part of unions will have many of their bargaining rights taken away – all under the guise of smaller government with less control. I’m not saying that I support all labor union rights, but it seems hypocritical by the ticket and very much in line with their lack of support for the common man (or woman).

    I enjoyed the video, and say what you will about the President, he has done more in his 4 years in office than any President since the civil rights movement for a minority group. I’m proud that I voted for him 4 years ago and will be proud, whatever the outcome, to vote for him again this year. Presidents who take strong positions on controversial issues don’t always win re-election, but I suppose that’s the point – better to live and die by your beliefs and positions than to ride the fence and side with whatever and who ever will get you re-elected. I don’t always agree with his administration on every policy or position, but in this “2 party system charade” that we are dealing with and that is unlikely to change any time soon, he is most in line with what I believe in.

  • jeff4justice

    @suprmanjoe: Oh thanks so much for your permission to speak my mind. How generous of you.

    Next, regarding your comment “unlikely to change any time soon” I remember the folks who wanted to settle for domestic partnerships or ENDA without trans protections or not fighting Prop 8 in court felt the same way. The back of the bus and less than ideal is always ok for some fearful people.

    Next, who helped vote in Alito and Roberts to the Supreme Court??? Oh yeah, Democrats did. Regarding Obama – he’s a states rights politician regarding marriage equality so that mean he and Ron Paul have the same view. Though I do appreciate him coming out in support of equality after the polls began showing Americans are now in favor.

    Now, when the Democrats had a majority, every time they were called out for not passing progressive legislation (real health care reform, ending the wars, full equal rights) it was always because of the big bad Republicans and their trickery with rules and obstructionism – so this means either they’re liars who failed us or they’ll be able to stop anti-equality legislation even in the minority.

    We heard the same doom and gloom when Bush was in office. He was gonna haul us all off. Now, Bush did entertain the federal marriage amendment charade to pander to religious nuts but that failed. No anti-LGBT laws were passed – only stalled progress. Bush appointed gays, Cheney made kinda pro-gay comments, and meanwhile Republican-appointed judges even were striking down discriminatory laws – that’s a factor in how marriage equality became legal briefly in CA before Prop 8 undid it. No marriage amendment will be passed, DADT will stay as is, and nothing will get better but nothing will get worse.

    Next, when it comes to Obama and economy/worker’s rights, I’m prone to agreeing with Glean Ford of The Black Agenda Report: “GLEN FORD: “what Obama has done is actually move the entire debate to the right. He claims that he’s the one standing between the Republicans and Social Security and Medicare and the entitlements, but it was Obama, two weeks before he even took the oath of office, who said that entitlements would all be on the table. This was at a period in which the Republicans were in disarray, couldn’t mount a challenge to anything. Obama followed through and created this model for austerity with his deficit reduction commission, which came up with the figure of $4 trillion in cuts, which he now includes among his solemn promises to the American people. Those cuts would savage, in fact, Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security. We say that he is the more effective evil because he is able, being a Democrat, to accomplish more of that right-wing agenda than the Republicans ever could. Remember, George Bush tried to privatize Social Security. He got his worst domestic defeat of his term in so doing, and the Republicans were reeling from that even in 2009. It took Barack Obama to introduce the model for austerity. And it is a—and it certainly is a twist on history—I think it’s a lie—to claim that he is the bulwark of defense. Now, we need to tell the truth. That is our first obligation, not just get in the game as the rules of the game have been laid down by one—by either of those corporate political parties.”

    And Obama sure did a lot to support the Walker recall or the Chicago teacher’s strike didn’t he? Um, no.

    Lastly, I am sorry you’re unaware of the dangers we face with future water shortages, food supply destruction (droughts/GMOs/soil degradation/continued pollution/Fukashima radiation impact/oil spill impact), and escalating world conflict. But you clearly have the internet and there are plenty of alternative media options out there. But do feel free to refute anything with evidence-based fact.

  • KirkR

    Cannot imagine the idiocy of a gay person voting for Mitt Romney…

  • Dumdum

    @suprmanjoe: I am really on the fence with this one. All I can add is that these people are POLITICIANS. THEY LIE….. My Grandmother once said before she died. That America has not had a GOOD president since Roosevelt. Franklin and Teddy. So you guys have fun with your pissing contest. But to tell the truth. World war three is perhaps a pipe dream as is Arma-what the f**k. OH YES if those crazy Muslims get I.C.B.M.s then we are all f***ed. Because they will use the cleansing fire of Alla to destroy Satan. W.T.F. They get paradise and a s**t load of virgins. And as far as the environment goes? Unless the earth is turned to dust. We humans are nothing. A breath, a hiccup in time. 65 million years of Dinosaurs? PLEASE get real. We are a drop in the bucket of time. Suck c**k be happy! After all that’s what we Queers do best….

  • Dumdum

    After all that is what we Queers do best, SUCK.

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