WATCH: Liberal Gay Democrat “Comes Out” To His Tea Party Dad In Cute Campaign Ad

Openly gay Massachusetts Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives Carl Sciortino, Jr. recounts the time he had that important coming out conversation with his dad, Big Carl, a member of the ultra-conservative Tea Party. It wasn’t easy, but Big Carl came around to the fact that his son likes liberal politics. Oh, and dudes.

“I’ll never forget that conversation with my dad where I had to come out and tell him that I was a…Massachusetts liberal,” Little Carl says in the ad.

“And he’s proud of it!” Big Carl laments.

“My father and I disagree on just about everything,” Sciortino said in a statement to HuffPo. “I am grateful that he was willing to appear in my TV ad even though he probably thinks he should be running against me.”

Though their views and beliefs are diametrically opposed — gun control, abortion, taxes , equal rights, etc – both Carls love each other, proving that blood is thicker than politics.

Meanwhile, Sciortino — currently a member of the Massachusetts House —  is battling against a tough Democratic field to fill Sen. Ed Markey’s empty federal House seat in a special election slated for December 10, with the primary on October 15. Sciortino is facing six other Democrats, but he’s positioning himself as the most progressive of the lot.

“This race is not going to be about who the women’s candidate is or who the gay candidate is, the law-and-order candidate,” he said. “It’s going to be about who will be the progressive Democratic leader, who has always been there for us and always will be.”

We wonder who Big Carl will be voting for…?