WATCH: Mario Lopez Does What He Does Best On Ellen. And It Ain’t Quote Shakespeare


Ellen’s hardly shy about being a lesbian on her popular daytime talk show—or mentioning her wife, Portia, or discussing LGBT issues for that matter. So its funny that getting hunky actors to take of their shirts (and sometimes pants) has become such a regular part of her show. Maybe she’s just having a laugh? Maybe she’s tossing her horny housewife audience a bone? Or maybe her producers are trying to disassociate her from lady-loving in the minds of viewers?

Whatever the case, we’re treated to scenes like the one above, where Mario Lopez shows off his new line of men’s underwear, Rated M.

We’ve yet to pick up a pair. Does anyone know if they’re any good? And more importantly, will they give us an ass like Lopez’s? If not that shit is just false advertising.