WATCH: Meet Karen’s BFF, grocery store Ken

Not content to let entitled women become the embodiment of privilege during COVID-19, men have released their own version of Karen: Ken.

Take, for example, this man shopping at a Smart & Final grocery store. Video surfaced of the customer having an altercation with a female employee over his refusal to wear a mask.

“Leave me alone! Get away from me!” the man screams at the employee.

“You need to leave!” the woman yells back.

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When confronted by the store employee, as well as a security guard, the man begrudgingly puts on his mask–though he did not adjust it to cover his nose or mouth. Seconds later, he removes it entirely.

“Let go of my f*cking cart, let go of my f*cking cart,” the man rants when the employee confronts him again. He then explodes into screaming rage, edging closer and closer to the employee’s face.

Security then steps in again, ordering the customer from the store. At first, the customer appears to appeal to the security guard that the female employee is harassing him. It doesn’t work.

“Outside now. Go!” the guard orders.

Two other security guards step in and escort the Ken from the premises as other customers watch agog. Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven is a Place on Earth” plays over the store’s speakers, offering an ironic juxtaposition.