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Dental office Karen getting the door slammed in her face might be the most satisfying thing you see today

We’re starting to think someone should make a TV series called Karens Gone Wild.

In today’s episode, a woman trying to get her teeth cleaned butted heads with the staff of her dental office for refusing to wear the mask.

At the time of this writing, the location of the incident has not been identified. Video posted to Twitter shows the woman yelling at reception staff over refusing to wear a mask.

“You’re going to work on my teeth, not my nose. I don’t wear masks getting my teeth cleaned,” the woman barks, complete with finger-wagging.

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“But it’s about the safety of all of our staff,” the receptionist says.

“Fine, I’ll cover my mouth. Can I be go be seated now?” the woman says. She again refuses to wear a mask, and threatens to sue when an employee tries to take her temperature.

“You can’t take my temperature. That’s against the law. You’re not an MD,” the woman rages. Actually, it’s not against the law for someone other than a medical doctor to take someone’s temperature, but we digress…

Employees of the office again refuse to see the woman. She then tries the litigious angle.

“I have a right to sue you for harassing me, the manager, and this entire company — Smile, whatever you call it, Dental,” the woman yells. “I do have that right, and I talked to my attorney before I came here, too. So does he want that to happen? I’ve waited long enough for my teeth to be cleaned. OK? Let’s get this done, OK?”

Again staff refuse to see the woman. She demands to speak with the owner of the office, and to see their written policies regarding masks. When a staff member tells her she can’t be in the building without wearing a mask, the woman again refuses.

“I can do what I want. It’s not a law,” the woman screams. At that point, the staff of the office slammed the office door in her face. It’s still better than she deserves.