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WATCH: Very bad news for that racist, homophobic Karen

Sonya Holt

Tennessee resident Sonya Holt became a viral sensation after footage of her harassing a Black Lives Matter protester lit up the internet. Now, she’s lost her job over her behavior.

NBC affiliate WCYB reports that video of Holt chanting “White lives matter. White lives are better” went viral following a rally in Elizabethton over the weekend. In another clip, she tells another protester “You’re a gay homosexual piece of crap who’s going to burn in hell.”

Sierra Gilmer, who filmed one of the videos, says meeting women like Holt is just par for the course when it comes to recent protests. “The biggest thing to take away from this is just to realize that racism is in your community however much you think it might not be,” she told WCYB. “There are a lot of people that reached out to me saying that they didn’t realize that this was happening in Elizabethton and they didn’t realize there were people there like that.”

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Subsequent to clips of her going viral over the weekend, Holt granted an interview to local station WHJL in which she apologized for her actions. “I would like to apologize to the little girl,” Holt said. “I did not know that she was a minor. If I had known she was a minor, I would have never spoken to her…That comment about me saying ‘silly little black girl’ – I would have said that if it was a white girl. I would have said ‘silly little white girl.’ So I do apologize for saying that. I did not mean to demean anybody. Of course, I apologize to her family. I did not know she was a minor. I am very, very, sorry for that.”

In the same interview, Holt confirmed that her employer, Keith Family Vision Clinic in Johnson City, had terminated her over the videos. “I no longer have a job,” she admitted. “I don’t have any animosity towards the doctors I worked for. They’re great people. Of course, I didn’t want their business to suffer because of mistakes that I made and I have great respect for them. They did what they had to do to protect their business.”

It’s also worth noting that Holt did not apologize for her homophobic remarks to a protester. “As far as the gentleman that I said some bad remarks about his sexuality,” Holt says, “prior to that, you’re not seeing that on video. I was just standing there, along with everybody else. And he called me ‘Ku Klux Karen’ because of my haircut. And he said that I was a member of the KKK. And he repeated this several times. And then when I lashed out at him and called him what I did, which I shouldn’t have said because his sexuality is none of my business. I was just angry and I lashed out.”

Seth Loven, the protester in question, denies calling Holt “Ku Klux Karen.” Despite a number of protesters in the vicinity filming the protest, no video footage of him referring to Holt by that derisive name has surfaced.

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