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Watch Neil Patrick Harris Host 4th Tier Awards Show!

So Queerty Crush Neil Patrick Harris hosted The TV Land Awards on Sunday! Actually, it was pre-taped, but it aired on Sunday, and we didn’t go to the taping, so we’re only now seeing it. But look how adorable he was in the little intro montage, with spoofs of Happy Days, The Twilight Zone, The Love Boat, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Match Game, The Tonight Show, and Baywatch, which means we got to see Neil in a one-piece lady’s swimsuit. Aww! And he wasn’t even on fire this time.

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  • afrolito

    God how I lust after him. People used to think I was crazy crushing on Doogie Howser, but now they’re starting to come around to my view. For me it really started when I saw him perform in Cabaret on broadway. He was soooo sexy and natural.

    I do wish he was off that god awful shit show on CBS though. He needs to get back to the theater imo.

  • rogue dandelion

    @afrolito: while i would watch him doing his taxes, i can’t get through one episode of HIMYM.

    wow, i am so happy to neil and jackman gaying up the awards season.

  • IDoWhatICan

    Don’t knock How I Met Your Mother… pure awesomeness. And the whole show if pretty much propelled by NPH.

  • ggreen

    @IDoWhatICan: I totally agree NPH IS the show(How I Met Your Mother). The story line revolves around Ted but the actor that plays him just phones it in so does the actress that plays Robin. Marshall and Lily and mostly Barney (Neil Patrick Harris)are the heart and soul of the show. Even Bob Sagat’s voice-over is more interesting than the Ted and Robin actors. Please keep Barney single and shirtless!

  • rsquared


  • Jared

    The “Doogie Howser” bit was hilarious.

    Him as Pam Anderson in Baywatch is probably going to rule my nightmares for a while, though.

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