WATCH: No More Mr. Nice Guy In North Carolina

Most ads for marriage equality feature a bunch of pleasant talking heads saying soothing things about their nice families and the importance of treating people fairly. They are very polite and maudlin and zzzzzzzzz…

This is not one of those ads.

Smarting from a harsh loss on Amendment One, which imposed a constitutional ban on the freedom to marry, Equality North Carolina is now going on the offensive. Turns out, they’re kind of scary when they’re mad.


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  • Cam

    Good for them. That is what changed in NY state. Old HRC kept telling people never to get made at the Dems years ago who didn’t support gay issues. But in NY State, gays and others went after them, donated to their opponents and got a few of them out of office. They won marriage, and the Dem legislators and the very few GOP members who voted for it reported that their donations increased by as much as 6 times after.

    Same thing needs to happen here and this group looks like they’re going for it.


  • Myles.

    You bring back hope!

  • kw

    Very good!

  • deltabadhand

    No more Mr. Nice Gays!

  • NOMComments

    Glad they included the video of the guy with the shotgun, kind of underscores the beliefs of the people who voted for the amendment and their mentalities about gay people

  • FStratford


    That’s what happened in NY. The gays and allies fought back, with lots of money, words and bitter exchanges in public and in the thanksgiving table.

    That’s what they did and are doing in Maine. Now Maine has the biggest chance of going pro Gay Marriage.

    The good thing is, those TV campaigns that were effective in CA, Maine, and NC and are being used again in MN, and VA are one shot scare tactics. They will no longer work again for Maine because after the last vote, people realize they have been had.

  • streeteditions

    This is one of the reasons I’m moving there. People need to remove the stereotypes and get down to reality politics.

  • George

    This comment is really ignorant.
    We have never had much opportunity to “go after” Dems who are “bad”.
    The Dems who were bad in the last legislative session were not JUST bad to US —
    they overrode their own Democratic governor’s vetoes a dozen times.
    But even the party itself has a policy of neutrality in primaries, and
    Equality NC is officially a NON- partisan organization, so it has never
    had a chance to do that, either. At THIS time in the calendar, it is a
    GENERAL election and so the ONLY opponents that any bad Democrats might

    Equality is not going to be mad in any relevant way UNTIL it is seriously partisan.

  • Apjaku

    Too little, too late.

    Repealing a constitutional amendment in NC (and elsewhere) is harder than passing it in the first place.

    Also, just a point of clarification re: the ad’s message: This is what’s in the heart of the majority of North Carolina voters—that’s why it passed.

    “Playing nice” is not an effective strategy—but this ad is a step in the right direction. An organization can easily go on the defensive AND be non-partisan because there are politicians from all leanings that are anti-LGBTQI. Perhaps we could do this targeting nationally and really make a difference?

  • Charli Girl

    ‘Bout feaking time!!!! Ughhh! What took so freaking long for people to get angry over their rights being taken away??? Helloooo … People need to STOP appeasing the anti gay !!!
    ” Let’s Roll”

  • Charli Girl

    Great idea!! Im in Tx and NOT in Austin ( would be MUCH easier there)
    I’m amongst some of the most hostile, backwoods rednecks on earth.
    And I educate them ONE by ONE!! It’s exhausting!

  • randallreynolds

    The tables have turned and it’s time to win.

    Thanks, LGBT Community, for attacking rather than defending—as I’ve said for years. Defense doesn’t work.

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