WATCH: Obama Comes Out Of A Closet

College Humor has put in video what many other political writers had already put in words: that President Obama essentially came out of the marriage-equality closet. And, as their videos usually are, it’s hilarious.

Watch the whole thing to see what other controversial measure he comes out in support of.

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  • Bob

    Is this supposed to be funny????

  • Daez

    @Bob: Get over yourself. It was funny as hell.

  • Bob

    @Daez: Might be funny to you but I thought it was stupid!

  • me

    It’s funny because it’s true.

    Kind of hilarious and pathetic at the same time.

    …just like Life.

  • Bailey

    not funny

  • rich

    Can this be anymore insulting. We finally get a sitting president to say we deserve equal treatment and what do we do. We make parody videos monking our president. Maybe we are to immature to not to be treated like second class citizens

  • K!r!lleXXI

    Gosh, people, chill out. It’s humor — the best way to get to people’s hearts. Showing how hard it was for the President to come out on this issue is a great parallel on how it happens to gay people, in modern liberal countries no less! I bet people often forget how hard it is to be a second class sitizen many hate for no good reason, and that’s a good reminder why marriage matters and why it is so important to afford everyone equal rights: our well being, our mental health and often our very lives depend on how we are being treated by our government and our fellow sitizens.

  • Oh, ok

    It’s only humor if people find it funny. If you have to state that it’s humor it’s safe to say it isn’t funny.

    Not only is the media mocking the president but they’re making fun of homosexuality in general. Yet again we’re the butt of every joke and yet again there are gay people who just don’t get why this is wrong…yet cry foul over things that don’t even matter.

    If Obama had said nothing the people claiming this was funny would still be screaming and crying bloody murder. Now that he’s stood up for us publicly we turn around and laugh in his face.

    It’s getting really embarrassing to be a gay man in 2012.

    You want to compare being gay to being black yet during civil rights black people weren’t laughing at or mocking those who tried to help. How about actually following the example and not just riding coattails? We want change, yet aren’t willing to grow up enough to get it. Stop pretending to be frat boys and get real.

    This garbage makes our equal rights look trivial and petty. If we don’t take it seriously how can we expect anyone else to? Laugh when it’s over.

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