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WATCH: This out, Olympic athlete just wowed the judges for an entirely different reason

Dominic Clarke is a queer, trampoline gymnast with two World Championship bronzes and an Olympic Games under his belt. It turns out he also has one hell of a singing voice, as evidenced by his audition on The Voice Australia that’s been making the rounds.

Clarke’s rendition of Sam Fisher’s “This City” quickly impressed the judges, and within a minute all four had turned their chairs around.

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After receiving a standing ovation from the crowd, Clarke soaked in the judges’ praise. He eventually revealed his athletic background, showing off the Olympic ring tattoo on his forearm.

When asked if he found athletic competition or singing more difficult, he admitted, “This [singing] is way scarier. Because this is my soul! This is my soul! I’m a robot on the trampoline. But here this is…you’re getting 100 percent me. And that’s really scary.”


And here he is doing the most magnificent robot we’ve ever seen at the 2019 Trampoline Worlds qualifying competition: