PHOTOS: Follow the bouncing ball with Olympic trampoliner Dominic Clarke

The 2021 Olympics are officially underway in Tokyo, and there are more out LGBTQ athletes vying for gold than in every previous Summer Olympics combined. That amounts to over 160 members of “Team LGBTQ” from around the world. Each day during the games, we’ll spotlight one of these inspiring athletes.

First up is Dominic Clarke, competing in the Men’s Individual Trampoline prize for Australia. Clarke is a queer, two-time World Championship Bronze winner whose favorite movie is Mean Girls.

He’s also the Pride Ambassador for Gymnastics New South Wales and said in a Facebook video last month:

“I’ve been involved in gymnastics for over 20 years as a coach, judge and athlete. As a queer-identifying athlete, pride to me means being myself and promoting equality where I can within my chosen sport.”

Here he is at the 2019 Trampoline Worlds qualifying competition:

Check out his Instagram for more:


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