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WATCH: Our Top 10 Must-See Films at This Year’s LGBT Film Fests: Brent Corrigan, Lesbian Space Aliens, and Forbidden Love in Iran

The LGBT film fest season is now in full swing and, if you’ve ever been to one, picking from the crop of movies can be like taking your chances in a darkened back room: you might be left with a sore ass for very little return.

So, if you’re looking for an expert opinion on what to watch, Queerty teamed up with to get their personal picks of the very best queer flicks to see this Summer. Here they are, in no particular order and with trailers aplenty.

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  • QJ201

    In Gay Lit class in the mid 90’s we read Anne Lister’s Diaries. Fascinating, but a damn long read.

  • dazzer

    Wonder why they aren’t pairing the Anne Lister documentary with the BBC drama about Lister starring Maxine Peake. It was a great drama.

  • Frank

    In that Judas Kiss clip, Brent Corrigan is so stunningly gorgeous he looks like he could possibly be the first gay porn star to get a legit career. As his porn work has shown, the camera loves him. He could play Zac Efron’s little brother. Woof.

  • ChrisC

    WOW! ‘Circumstance’ looks amazing!

  • matt

    so glad to see richard harmon play gay! thought he was great in AMC’s The Killing and super cute!

  • Hannah

    I’ve seen Loose Cannons. Its pretty good. Its definitely worth a look.

  • gina

    Let’s try again and rephrase your description of Gun Hill Road:

    “It’s about a Latino family in the Bronx coming to terms with having a trans daughter.”

  • Kaitlyn

    Ugh “Christopher and His Kind” was so good. Matt Smith is brilliant both in this role and as Doctor Who. Love him.

  • danzrr

    @dazzer: We’ve already paired “The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister” with the doc, “The Real Anne Lister” in last year’s Frameline34: the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival :)

    Aside from “Loose Cannons” and “Circumstance,” I’ve already seen all of the films featured and they’re fantastic! Great choices!

  • ousslander

    @Kaitlyn:It does look good and love him as The Doctor.

  • Coffee&Chicory

    The leading women in Circumstance are INCREDIBLY pretty

  • Brian

    Only 3 Lesbian movies out of 10?? There are a ton out there including the comedic burlesque romp Fishnet starring Eating Out’s Rebekah Kochan.

  • emaa

    Looking forward to seeing many of the films you have listed. I am especially looking forward to seeing Gun Hill Road.
    I am suprised that you didn’t have Fishnet on your list. It was a fun and quirky lesbian film with plenty of humor and hot chicks.

  • MOlly

    UMMM… where is FISHNET !?! The best lesbian comedy!

  • Rooney

    Lesbian Vampire Killers was on TV last week, one of the worst pieces of shit movies I’ve ever seen (I didn’t watch until the end, I’m not into pain). And false advertising. This one? I will give a shot.

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