WATCH: Please Leave Marriage Equality to the Experts

We <3 Rob Tisinai informative, logical, and concise videos that shoot down same-sex marriage myths. We also <3 Bryan Safi's humorous take on taking down these same lies. (Though his punchlines aren't just limited to marriage, boys and girls.) And this clip even includes a shot of Bryan in the gym!

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  • California


  • Bitch, please!

    I love Safi. As always, he is hilarious and to the point at the same time.

  • Sceth


  • unclemike

    That was full of win. Safi rocks.

  • Movement Guy

    That was great.

  • timncguy

    is the sound supposed to be all doubled up? when i play this it is like the sound is in stereo, but the tracks aren’t in sync.

  • Aaron Khan

    LMFAO *tear*

  • Captain Freedom

    I knew we were losing that CNN debate as soon as I saw Perez Hilton’s nasty ugly face. Remember, when someone attacks a gay man, it’s a hate crime. When somebody attacks Perez Hilton its a civil service and more likely than not he instigated it.

  • Otto_Erotica

    I’m against really fat guys marrying a healthy, thin woman. I mean, he could seriously screw with her diet…[img][/img]

  • CMcElwain

    Haha, that was hillarious. Who knows what kids will be confused with.. “numbers, letters, left and right”.

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