WATCH: Robbie Rogers Opposes Olympics Boycott, Shares Shower Room Stories

Appearing as a guest on Chelsea Lately, out soccer player Robbie Rogers says he is against a boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympics due to Russia’s “gay propaganda” law.

“I went to the Beijing Olympics and it was the best experience of my life,” the L.A. Galaxy winger told host Chelsea Handler. “And to take that away from someone, I just don’t feel comfortable doing. Now, if people want to do that, okay more power to them. But I would encourage people to go, to be out, to be just great role models, to compete, and hopefully to win. And not to hide any of that. I think that would be a bigger more important symbol, or just a stronger message.”

On a much less serious note, Rogers shared an anecdote about how the locker room and shower time has changed since he came out publicly as gay earlier this year.

“There’s good banter,” he offered. “They make jokes when we’re in the shower. If the lights are off, they’ll be like, ‘I wonder why the lights are off – Robbie’s going in the shower.”