WATCH: Romney’s Sense Of Humor Comes Back To Haunt Him In Obama Campaign Video

One could say the Romney campaign isn’t doing so well. Of course, one could also say the Innocence of Muslims is a tad offensive, Barney Frank’s not a big fan of Log Cabin Republicans and Britney’s kinda mean on X-Factor, among other severe understatements. The Obama super PAC American Bridge decided to put on its big boy boots and kick Romney while he’s down with this video editing together Mitt’s middle class musings over the years.

In addition to the now infamous “47 percent” comments he made back in May, there’s a clip of Romney at a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast in 2005 where he joked, “When I was a boy I used to think that becoming rich and becoming famous would make me happy. Boy was I right!”

Apparently the comedy stylings of Mitt Romney “killed” in 2005 but in light of his recent gaffes, the jokes on him. Can you believe it though? Mitt Romney actually funny? What a difference seven years and the selling of a human soul make.