WATCH: Romney’s Sense Of Humor Comes Back To Haunt Him In Obama Campaign Video

One could say the Romney campaign isn’t doing so well. Of course, one could also say the Innocence of Muslims is a tad offensive, Barney Frank’s not a big fan of Log Cabin Republicans and Britney’s kinda mean on X-Factor, among other severe understatements. The Obama super PAC American Bridge decided to put on its big boy boots and kick Romney while he’s down with this video editing together Mitt’s middle class musings over the years.

In addition to the now infamous “47 percent” comments he made back in May, there’s a clip of Romney at a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast in 2005 where he joked, “When I was a boy I used to think that becoming rich and becoming famous would make me happy. Boy was I right!”

Apparently the comedy stylings of Mitt Romney “killed” in 2005 but in light of his recent gaffes, the jokes on him. Can you believe it though? Mitt Romney actually funny? What a difference seven years and the selling of a human soul make.

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  • Jawsch

    Wow. This is probably the most damaging ad against Romney I’ve ever seen and it’s not necessarily negative at all.
    Great ad.

  • 2eo

    How sad that nearly the whole ad is completely in context with no supposition or creative editing.

    This man is running for the most powerful position in the world, how pathetic have the right in the US become.

  • dvlaries

    Republicans don’t even really like Romney either, and he didn’t exactly get the nomination out of acclamation, but only after Santorum and Gingrich were spent broke. I’m reading now that their real hope is to position Jeb Bush for ’16, and that would be awkward or impossible if Romney were to win.
    Obama lost critical momentum in the first year trying to make nice with these intractable people, but it’s heartening to see the Democrats growing some balls now.

  • Charli Girl

    Lmao!!! But ya gotta wonder y a Lil Rich boy would be ” dreaming” of becoming rich??? Duh! Ole Pops had plenty and ran off to Mexico so he could do his Mormon thang, n have ” lots of strange” Bahahaha
    Atta Boy Mitt Witt! Kinda makes u feel sorry for the Lil fella!’

  • NateOcean

    “Corporations are people.”

    Yes, Mitt, and “dildoes are penises”.

  • JackAndy

    You know, this jerk Mitt is a very dangerous man. Being a Mormon his philosphy is church first, family 2nd and country last. Mark my words, being from Utah I know how these people work. They have ran this state since they settled it over a hundred years ago. Politicians don’t run this state. The Mormons “prophet” does. They all refer to their church doctrine in voting and running this state. Remember this name,Thomas Monson.He is their prophet and Romney will only be a puppet while Monson runs the country from temple square in Salt Lake city, just like he runs the state and every mormon prophet has before him. Be afraid of this man, be very afraid. I watched with my own eyes during the work up to the 2002 Olympics go into a rage with volunteers calling them names that a drunken sailor would not use. But you see if you can pay Mormon church millions in tithing, they will gladly overlook about anything.

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