WATCH: Straight College Boy Proposes To Girlfriend In The Middle Of His Own Drag Show

A Queerty reader sent us this video taken at Hendrix College, a small liberal-arts college in Conway, Arkansas. At the annual Miss Hendrix charity drag pageant, contestant Nail’er Swift ended his fairly amazing routine by launching into the audience and asking his girlfriend to marry him.

We’re not sure what to make of it—other than we’re sure we’d fine the real Taylor Swift infinitely less amusing.

On the one hand, a straight college stud comfortable enough in his sexuality to really commit to a demanding drag routine? That’s awesome.

On the other hand, the jaded queen in us feels like maybe he was trying to establishing his hetero cred with that last-minute “see I’m straight!” proposal.

And, on the third hand—we hate ourselves for asking, but is this really a straight guy?

Anyway, it’s all moot: She said yes, the pageant netted $50,000 for local charities, and we’ve booked ourselves a ticket to Conway for next year’s show!