WATCH: Tabatha Coffey On Coming Out Twice: “It Didn’t Go So Well”

It’s no secret that Tabatha Coffey spent the earliest years of her life doing hair for the transgender dancers working the floor at her mother’s Australian strip clubs. The Tabatha’s Salon Takeover star has been pretty open about the LGBT culture that influenced her at such a young age and, despite it, the difficult time she had coming out.

Coffey mulled over the details of her coming out on “Say Anything!” with Joy Behar yesterday, admitting the first time “didn’t go so well.”

After coming out at the age of 16, “I went back in [to the closet] for the sake of the family,” she told Behar. It was after realizing that she could not change herself that Coffey came out for a second time, telling her mother “Look, love me, [or] don’t love me, this is who I am.”

Check out the rest of the interview below to find out what Tabatha thinks of children! (Hint: she likes them as much as we like Michelle Bachmann.)