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WATCH: Trixie Mattel drops surprise new comedy & music show on YouTube

Live from the Liv Ingroom theater in Los Angles comes a brand new comedy special from Trixie Mattel!

If you didn’t pick up on the razor-sharp wordplay, the Liv Ingroom theater is located in Trixie’s own living room.

The audience? Her sizable collection of vintage dolls.

And if that’s not enough to reel you in (and why wouldn’t it be?), Trixie also performs her brand new song “Malibu” and debuts two new songs from her upcoming stuido album, Barbara.

Watch below:

Daniel Vincent Gordh (Matt & Dan) co-wrote the special with Trixie, and the video was directed by Daniel and his brother Will.

Trixie and Gordh are both nominated for multiple awards in the 2020 Queerties — vote now!