Watch What Happens When Hetero Men Get “Caught” On Grindr

We’ve seen straight guys get tricked into checking out another man’s thick booty, as well as pleasure themselves to a picture of another man’s butt thinking it was boobs. Now, a gay guy has punked a bunch of hot spring breakers by saying he met them on Grindr.

Gaybriel, dressed in a flamboyant pink shirt and sunglasses, and two bikini-clad beauties teamed up to trick the guys. The ladies would go down the beach and flirt with the gents, collecting as much information about them as possible before radioing it back to Gaybriel, who was waiting up the beach. When the guys eventually passed by, he would rush over pretending to recognize them from Grindr. Hilarity (and some awkwardness) ensued.

See the silliness in the video below.

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