Wearable Sculpture?

As Four

The big news during Fashion Week has been As Four. The once four person, and now three person design collective have been called “futuristic,” “avant-garde,” and “high concept” more times than one can imagine. It seems ironic then that one of Bjork’s favorite clothiers is hitting it big with a denim line.

Setting up a guerilla shop on Broadway for one week only, the group seems ready to get serious about crossing over to fashion’s mainstream. The pieces are definitely still not for everyone. We picked up dark blue reversible jeans designed so long that one must wrap them around the calf to make bulges along the leg and a blazer, also reversible, that looks like something Levi’s would make for an alien. Or as they put it: “At a time of a saturated denim market, As FOUR brings you wearable sculptures combining construction, fit, and innovation their fans and the press have come to recognize.”

For those daring fashionistas not in NYC, don’t fret. The line will launch nationwide next year.