What About Kieran Daly’s Gay Bashing Has Split Savannah’s LGBT Activists?

The handling Kieran Daly’s gay bashing, allegedly of at the hands of two Marines, has spilt LGBT activists in Savannah, Georgia. One side criticizes Savannah police for only filing misdemeanor charges against the Marines and city officials for regularly “turning a blind eye to [LGBT] violence.” The other side commends the city for its response, saying it’s common to file lesser charges immediately after arrest and revise them as an investigation proceeds; they also say city officials “have advanced change in [Savannah] with regard to respect, acceptance, and diversity” though there’s still room for growth. The former group has launched Act Out Savannah a group dedicated to bringing the “fight for equal protection, equal rights and equal justice to the streets.” To the streets? Does that mean there’s gonna be a block party? Score.