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What Did Barney Frank Say at Today’s ENDA Hearings? … HIV Travel Ban Lifted? … 2010 Prop 8 Repeal

ON OUR GAYDAR — News, notes, clicks, and quips from around the web.

• Wanna hear what everyone was saying today at Congress’ ENDA hearings in front of the House Education and Labor Committee? Now you can!

• Libya dictator Muammar Gaddafi, apparently no longer a sponsor of terrorism, still hates the gays. No matter: During his visit to America, Donald Trump is loaning him some land so he can pitch a tent to welcome all of his guests.

• Stand For Marriage Maine has a new ad featuring a “teacher” they would like you to believe is your average layperson, when in fact she’s the state director of the Concerned Women For America of Maine and leading bigot.

• Tomorrow, Love Honor Cherish will submit a 2010 ballot initiative in California to repeal Prop 8. Wait, but we thought Yes On Equality’s Chaz Lowe was the only one to submit a proposal in time? Someone explain.

• Word has it U.S. Customs and Immigration is finally going to lift the HIV travel/immigration ban.

Ozzie and Harriet‘s Nelson clan is your new poster family for denying rights to Washington gays.

• Is this a draft of a bill circulating around Uganda that would call for the death penalty for those convicted of “aggravated homosexuality”?

Fire ravages Fire Island’s Cherry Grove Hotel. Because we are all sinners, and Satan is coming to collect us.


Mexico’s gays warned: “Today’s hook-up could be your murderer. Be careful of who you invite to your home.”

• Same-sex marriage becoming less and less of a “value” that value voters care about.

Larry Kramer loves being gay.