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What Did Brian Johnson Do At Twin Cities Pride? Cackle Like a Maniac, That’s What

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Brian Johnson wanted to go ON THE RECORD!!, to explain why he felt the need to crash Twin Cities Pride. And boy, did he tell you! It’s not that Brian, who traveled from Wisconsin with his suitcase full of Bibles, and who was arrested last year for trespassing at pride, is judging you queers, but the lord up above, who kept the rain away at yesterday’s events, is.

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  • veg

    This is the ONLY ‘Brian’ worth listening to:



    The only reason a vile pathetic reprhensive scumbag loser like Johnson shows up is because he is a publicity whore. And most likely to put some images of hot guys in his twisted mind to jerk his micro cock off to when he slithers down to his filthy basement apartment in his mothers home…….

    If everyone simply ignored scum like him and the inbred phelps clan they like a child throwing a tantrum who is ignored would simply shut the fuck up and be quiet. They thrive on attention. And while I relished the episode at a Pride Fest a few years ago described in other Pride thread currently running in which the phelps clan cried to the Police like little bitches we should refrain from even acknowledging these scumbags……….let them climb back under the vile rocks they crawled under.

  • Stevious

    The legal maneuvers they attempted to keep him out just got the local news to go out and interview the clown. Better off just ignoring him, he seems harmless anyway.

  • Patrick

    It’s amazing that the bigger the bigot, the more like a closeted queen he sounds.

  • s_b

    Why are we giving this guy more attention?

  • alan brickman

    He should join Queers against Israeli Apartheid…then he would be respected…

  • Revemupman

    Now, now children, remember when you were scolded? Don’t do the same to another looser. Lets face the facts people, humanity in general is dumb and insane.

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