What Did HRC’s Joe Solmonese + David Smith Know In November? When They Met With the White House?

Much is being said about the curious timing of Obama’s State of the Union speech, a meeting held a few days later between White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina and members of Gay Inc. (but not SLDN), and a speech Joe Somonese gave, also in February, where he made the arguably outlandish claim that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell would be repealed by Christmas. But what about the meeting Joe and David, HRC’s policy chief, had in November with Messina?

The duo met with Obama’s lackey in what appears to be a private consult, Michael Petrelis discovers. It’s an example of the type of White House access HRC shares with its well-moneyed donors. But it’s a meeting that’s not even worth asking HRC about, because the answer we’ll receive is, “We were there to press the administration on repealing DADT,” or something.

But as was noted at yesterday’s Gay Inc. (plus blogger) townhall, for all of Solmonese & Co.’s supposed insider access, it appears Obama signing hospital visitation rights for same-sex partners came as a surprise even to HRC, which never once trumpeted out that executive memorandum as something for the gays to get excited about. They found out, and responded, at the same time everyone else did, suggesting they were in the dark about Obama’s next move on LGBT equality.

(It could be argued HRC agreed to keep quiet, at the administration’s request, so the White House could roll out the memo on its own schedule, but that would suggest HRC won’t tell us when the White House will be ready to move on a DADT repeal — until Obama actually does it. Also, Solmonese never said that’s what happened, so we’re not going to assume it.)

The same way the Human Rights Campaign plays America’s LGBT community, the White House is playing HRC. It would almost be a hoot to watch, if this weren’t REAL LIFE.