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What Do You Call It When Two Straight Men Posing as Lesbian Bloggers Flirt with Each Other?

Janet Reno’s wet dream. And Camille Paglia’s worst nightmare.

Following the revelation that Amina Arraf, the Syrian lesbian blogger behind A Gay Girl in Damascus, was really an American straight man by the name of Tom McMaster, The Washington Post has confirmed that Paula Brooks, the blogger behind Lez Get Real, is also a straight man by the name of Bill Graber.

The newspaper first linked the two faux-lesbians when questioning Brooks/Graber about Arraf, who used to blog for Lez Get Real before starting A Gay Girl in Damascus. Feeling the heat rising after that hoax exploded, Brooks/Graber first told reporters that she was deaf and could only speak on the phone through her father. The Post continued questioning her identity and “Brooks’ father” finally broke to reveal he was the real Paula Brooks, deep voice and all.

A further twist on this identity crisis, The Post also found out that:

In the guise of Paula Brooks, Graber corresponded online with Tom McMaster, thinking he was writing to Amina Arraf. Amina often flirted with Brooks, neither of the men realizing the other was pretending to be a lesbian.

Gosh, now we know what you girls (and some boys) mean when you toss up your arms and ask, where have all the real lesbians gone?

Although we have yet to launch an investigation, we are pretty sure that all the writers of Feministing are all women (albeit not all lesbians) — that’s at least half the battle right?

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