Queerty Asks, You Answer

What Do You Hate About the Gym?


You know, besides the “having to work out” part.

For some gay men, the gym is part social calendar, part lifestyle requirement, and part de-stress-er. And while we love getting our regular endorphin rush, there are a number of things we absolutely detest about the gym. Or rather, gym culture.

Among them:

• Locker room cruising (though we know this to be some gym-goers primary reason for even having a membership)
• Guys who, while watching TV on the elliptical, burst out into uncontrollable laughter
• People who do not wipe the sweat off the machines or mats they use
• Ultra-tight clothing on ultra-un-fit guys; ultra-revealing clothing (you know how short those shorts are) on anybody
• Trainers, whose career is to make people fit, that are the least fit people on the floor (do not tell me to do 50 more jumping jacks when you have a double chin and a spare tire)
• Trainers who treat their clients as sounding boards for their personal problems (who’s paying who here?)
• Chatty Cathys
• Anybody resembling this

Surely this little list doesn’t include some of your gym pet peeves. What are they?