What Does Texas Gov. Rick Perry Call a Homophobic Hoedown? A Call To Prayer.

Texas Governor Rick Perry, the stately dude at left, wants us all to pray and fast. No, he’s not worried about our love handles distracting whales off the coast of P-Town:  Perry has scheduled a statewide day of prayer, which he calls The Response: A Call to Prayer for a Nation in Crisis, on August 6.  And he’s summoned the American Family Association’s Don Wildmon, anti-abortion activists Randy and Kelsey Bohlender and a fleet of bats out of the Religious Right’s crowded belfry to join him. Perry seems close to declaring his candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination (because we all know the sterling track record Republican governors from the Longhorn State have as chief executives) so he’s calling this a “a non-denominational, apolitical Christian prayer meeting,” which is another way of saying a GOP-loving, homophobic, right-wing lovefest. If you aren’t Christian, you’ll be encouraged “to seek out the living Christ.” (Hint: If you’re reading this, you probably aren’t Rick Perry’s idea of a Christian.)

Right Wing Watch has pulled together this video with highlights from the parade of nutburgers likely to make PrayerFest 2011 alternately cringe-worthy and nauseating. Sort of like the new Anne Hathaway flick.


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  • Jack E. Jett

    Texas is the most right wing, red neck state that ever existed. Don’t ever visit unless you plan on becoming a Pentecostal snake worshipping jeebus freak who wants to live in a living hell.

  • MattGMD

    Like Woodstock for radical religionists.

  • christopher di spirito

    What the fuck is up with Rick Perry’s hair?

    It looks like he parts it in the middle when wet, combs it over on both sides and sits under a hair dryer until it’s perfectly formed. Very school cafeteria, circa’ 1962.

  • Josh

    Rick Perry sounds like the name of a gay pretty boy. Why doesn’t Rick just come out of the closet?

  • gherkin

    Will he wear his ultra-cute cheerleader outfit? God loves that.

  • tjr101

    Rick Perry is looking more like Sarah Palin with a dick version.

  • dk

    @Jack E. Jett:

    TX is like San Francisco compared to Alabama…

  • Steve

    Huh. So I guess all the Jews and Muslims can fuck off then?

  • JR

    @Jack E. Jett … Texas is also the home of the largest LGBT church rthe catherdralof Hope in Dallas. They are a church of radical inclusion and extravagent welcoming. You also don’t know that there are MAJOR LGBT gains being made in most major cities in Texas. so unless you live here, or have visited here, please shut up !!


    The American Taliban prepares the really big show with the Head Cheerleader Rick Perry. Actually this may turn out to be amusing, Combine August heat in Houston, open air stadium, hours in the sun, obese middle age believers and no food. I personally am praying for totally clear skies with no wind.

  • jason

    Look on the bright side. If Rick Perry becomes President, we may have our first openly bisexual President.

    His wife looks strange, however. Look at her neck. It’s that of an 80 year old.

  • Jack E. Jett

    @JR: I live here. Right in the big fucking right wing middle of it. They have been trying to get me to shut up for years.

    Gay folks should not spend one dime in this state. If Texas made any strides, then we wouldn’t be shitting out so many of the nation’s christian tea baggers and right wing extremist.

    If you are trying to tell me to shut up, you will have to get in line and JR, the line is mighty long.

  • Jay

    Texas is actually pretty amazing. Anyone ever heard of Austin?

  • Shannon1981

    LOL its Texas. Are we really surprised?

  • JK

    Recently moved to Texas, from Kansas… and it’s a hell of a lot better. I’m sure Jack E Jett has had a few experiences that were damaging, just like everyone in the LGBT community. So we can’t blame him for his anger and wanting to be heard. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. BUT… I enjoy it here.

  • Daniel S

    I was born and raised in and love Texas, but Rick Perry is pure evil. We spend every election season fighting and building up hope that there are enough sane people around to defeat him and spend the day after elections shaking our heads and trying to figure out how in the hell he won again with his track record. As for anyone advising LBGT community members to steer clear of the state I would say, how are those misguided bigots and the next generation of Texans ever going to learn to accept and love us if they never have a chance to interact with us and get to know us personally.

  • Gaytorium

    Rick Perry is a terrible candidate and he’d never get the nomination once it came out that he helped Al Gore’s campaign in 1988. Even worse (or better for those of us who like our candidates sane) Perry has repeatedly talked about having Texas leave the United States. That might play well with some southern states but the rest of the US would just laugh at him.

  • E.A

    @Jack E. Jett: Houston (largest city in Texas)has a lesbian mayor, but people just can’t see the progress because of people like Rick Perry.

  • drewa24

    A day of fasting? My prediction…every Luby’s, Furrs, Golden Corral, Waffle House, Cracker Barrel, and all you can eat squirrel and possum meat buffet within 100 miles will have to shutter their doors after this hoard of hillbilly, snake-handlers drag their RV’s and doublewides closer to salvation. To all the good folks of Houston Texas, please lock up your cats, small dogs, children and rational behavior, because pestalance in the form of 350lb, Natty light drinkin’, inbred rednecks is about to rain down upon you!

  • dane

    Dear Sir with all respect you are a Modern Day Pharisee and you have stood directly against
    the written Word of God…and you will reap what you have sown! [Gal. 6:7,8]
    To come against someone for praying to Jesus is not only Pharisitical…it is Demonic!

    PS The Word says Homosexuals will not make Heaven…ie they are going to Hell!1 Cor.6:9,10
    Best to you and I say all this with 100% love and respect!

  • Fofo

    @dane: Are you freaking serious? So where do haters like you go?

  • slanty

    @Fofo: In Christian theology, haters go to heaven. God rewards them for it. It’s so sick!

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