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  • gregger


    for the last seven years, that I know of, Kenneth Cole has used billboards on the West Side Highway of NY that raise consciousness. The building wall ads I applauded him over, reminding people that anyone is a potential carier of HIV. I have yet to feel pissed with any of those signs or stickers.

    Yes, the Egypt tweet debacle was stupid, but gods know I’m certain that even you are capable of a fuck up or twelve.

    Was this an attempt at snark or are you just trashing him because his accessories are really not to your liking?

  • Tez Anderson

    I wish more designers had Kenneth Cole’s sensibility, balls and budget.

  • David C

    I don’t agree with your assessment of Kenneth Cole as an “insensitive fashion advertiser.” Cole has consistently worked for progressive issue, usually putting his money/company where his mouth is. His advertising is clever. It is good natured; It neither intends nor inflicts harm on anyone.

    Agreed, many could have done without the Egypt tweet, but even that was just a joke. And only mildly off color. I’m FAR more offended by what I see coming from the House of Representatives than I am by the tweet. AND I can confidently say that Kenneth Cole supports my social agenda – with word, deed, and checkbook – much more than the overwhelming majority of the members of the House.

    So, let us point our Politically Correct Snark at the baddies, not the guys on our side.

  • Navi

    As for the other ads, I don’t see what the big deal is. People need to calm down and stop complaining about every little shit.

  • robert in nyc

    All those married gay couples in the six states and Washington, DC should demand exemption from federal taxes since they are denied the 1138 rights and privileges at the federal level, rights which heterosexuals automatically take for granted at our expense. What we have in this country is marriage inequality and full taxation without representation while religious cults enjoy full representation without taxation.

  • o

    I think the AIDS billboard would be offensive to A LOT of gay people. I don’t see how the other two could offend anyone.

  • Cam

    @o: said…

    “I think the AIDS billboard would be offensive to A LOT of gay people.”

    And yet none of them are here saying that. funny.

    As for me, Next time I need a few pairs of dress shoes I’m making certain that they will be Kenneth Cole

  • Ydnar relhoek

    Lets see…..I buy things from Kenneth Cole and then they use profits generated from my purchases to make political statements! My father always told me to NEVER mix your political or religious views with my business. The end result is….I won’t shop at Kenneth Cole anymore just like I stopped supporting other business that MIXED their views with business.

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