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What Is the Pentagon Asking Straight Military Spouses About Homogayfag Soldiers?

With a promise the Pentagon “cannot be forced (for example by court order or subpoena) to disclose information that may identify you,” the heterosexual spouses of American servicemembers are receiving their own questionnaire to see how they and their families will be impacted if a gay soldier is allowed to tape a poster of his boyfriend up on the wall. But what, exactly, does the Defense Department want to know?

Many of the same things they wanted to know from active duty soldiers. Politico scored a copy of the survey, which includes questions like (and we’re paraphrasing) “Do you know any queers, even at work?” “Does your spouse believe he or she has ever worked with a homosexual?” “If the military repeals DADT, would you like the law explained to you in glossy heavy-stock pamphlets or actual courses?” “Would repealing DADT scare your husband or wife so much he or she would quit the military?”

Yes, that is the inanity of these questions.

These are the questions social scientists would generally be interested in while conducting research. But how pleasant to see the U.S. military take into consideration whether bigoted spouses would uproot their families if they found out they were living next to known homosexuals.

Tax dollars at work, everyone.