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What Other Gay Phrases Besides ‘Ick Factor’ Does Mike Huckabee Know About?

Though University of Chicago professor Martha Nussbaum says she never used the term “ick factor” to describe gay sex, despite newspaper Edge claiming it, that’s where Mick Huckabee says he learned the term he’s quoted using in The New Yorker. Which means, what, he’s reading up on his gay literature?

Would somebody do me a solid and send over to Huckabee’s office a list of the following terms and see which ones he’s aware of? You can title the document “Ick Factors.”

• Anilingus
• Clam jousting
• Docking
• Double penetration
• Fisting
• Intercrural sex

Also, look how Huckabee links President Obama and ikcy gays to Nussbaum: They both have U-Chicago ties!

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    Funny, I use the term “icky” to describe this photo……

    God, I love everytime he opens his fat mouth to be able to post the picture of Schmuckabee and his two tons of not so much fun family…………

    As an added bonus check out this story about how his serial killer in training son hung a puppy at summer camp……..


    Repugnatican party: Please nominate either him or Scarah Pallin…Pretty please……..

  • dvlaries

    I don’t know… Who wants this endormorph wet-farting all over the White House furniture because he can’t waddle to the crapper fast enough…?

  • jeffree

    The name Huckabee is my new favorite swearword.
    “Get the huckabee off my lawn, Stanley”
    “Shut the huckabee up, Jason”
    “Yeah, we huckabeed until 4 a.m. And then again from 7 to 10”

    Talk about the “ICK Factor” eh what?

    @John Rogers:

    What means those wrods? Dose tyeh pass thrgou splelchkc? Rehire the copy editor!

  • Syl

    Huckabee is “ick” personified. I once tried to watch his sorry excuse for a television show…don’t anyone esle try that. I think I lost some brain cells.

  • victor

    really? no mention of santorum? FAIL.

  • Matt

    I have a sneaking suspicious that Huckabee hadn’t read the article, or have any conception of terminology before he said “ick” on record.

  • Matt

    that should read “sneaking suspicion”


    @Matt: One of these decades Queerts will get a “preview post” feature like every other site……….

  • jeffree

    @Syl : That show was terrible the 15 minutes I suffered thru watching it. Bad all around….

    @Plays Well : In what alternative universe do you live where you believe a PREVIEW function will be added here? That would be nice, though.

  • sweetdog

    Talk about ICK. How gay is that family photo?


    @jeffree: I can dream can’t I??? :-p

    PS: J, your own story on the Brady Bunch thread ’bout the 2 guys adaptin all those kids was pretty amazing……..I gave you major props for bein’ so open………..

  • Baxter

    @Syl: It’s a pretty sad show, especially when Huckabee tries to rock out with his musical guests.

  • jeffree

    @Plays Well : Thanks for that! Your post musta got lost in the new q’ty system where we can’t see “recent comments.”

    Oh yeah, what’s *up* here with comments with zero offfensive language languish in mod-er-a-tion for days & days!?

    My family is like all others, far from perfect, but they came together to make sure I got a decent education.

    There were always aunts & uncles & cousins pulling extra shifts to make sure I could afford books, tuition, & “extra tutoring”. How lucky am i ?

    There’s no way to “repay” them for that, but when i get the chance, I sure hope to make a difference in at least one “foundling ‘s” life. Maybe more: we’ll see.

    Be well, amico mio.


    @jeffree: Very strange, I have seen others stating same about not bein’ able to see recent comments……..I can still see ’em all……..’nways here is the post I made afta reading your neat story ’bout bein thru the foster system and being adopted:

    @jeffree: J…..thats a 4 hanky story you have lived my friend……….I had experience with foster kids in a different way. I was the youngest of four boys and my Mom always wanted a baby girl (I was the closest she came :-p ). So we took in 14 foster baby girls as I was getting growed up it was a great experience for our family (even though I was soooo jealous they got all the pretty dresses :-p)

    Your rough start as a babe obviously had little effect because you def gots your stuff together. Your Queerts posts are witty and intelligent,and you seem like very good people. Kudos to your Mom and Dad for doing the very right thing…………

    Read more: http://www.queerty.com/2-dads-7-kids-like-the-brady-bunch-only-homosexual-20100627/#ixzz0sFCHJfe0

  • hyhybt

    There are some questions I don’t DARE ask Google. What’s intercrural sex?

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