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What Other Gay Phrases Besides ‘Ick Factor’ Does Mike Huckabee Know About?

Though University of Chicago professor Martha Nussbaum says she never used the term “ick factor” to describe gay sex, despite newspaper Edge claiming it, that’s where Mick Huckabee says he learned the term he’s quoted using in The New Yorker. Which means, what, he’s reading up on his gay literature?

Would somebody do me a solid and send over to Huckabee’s office a list of the following terms and see which ones he’s aware of? You can title the document “Ick Factors.”

• Anilingus
• Clam jousting
• Docking
• Double penetration
• Fisting
• Intercrural sex

Also, look how Huckabee links President Obama and ikcy gays to Nussbaum: They both have U-Chicago ties!