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What’s It Like to Have Everyone Know You Had Sex With Adam Lambert? Chris Rushton Knows

It’s one of the most popular posts on Queerty ever, and probably the fastest rising. Yes, it’s the item about what it’s like to have sex with Adam Lambert, where vlogger Chris Rushton shares a few details of bedding the pop star before his American Idol fame. Let’s reflect, shall we?

Some people have accused Chris of making the story up! But: “It’s totally true,” he insists. “I’m not going to sit here and lie and say I’ve had sex with someone. This was before Adam was even somebody, you know. He was still in Wicked.”

But as even Adam would attest, “attention is attention.” Whether it’s from making out with a guy during the American Music Awards, or talking about sexin’ a celeb on the Internet.

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  • delurker

    Well I hope he put those DSLs to good use!

  • romeo

    Totally don’t doubt Chris on this. But let’s have more DETAILS Chris. Give us more specifics!

  • David Ehrenstein

    Yes more DETAILS please!

    You’re Way Cute Chris, and we all envy your doing the deed with Adam.

  • romeo

    I think the fangirls know it’s the truth, too. Just put on a hazmat suit and peeked in at AdamOfficial. NOT A WORD IN THERE ABOUT THIS! LMAO Those girls would have been in there tearing this up if they didn’t think it was the truth. Incidentally, Chris is hardly the first of Adam’s hook-ups that’s spilled.

  • terrwill

    Chris is very doable, gots a nice bod (actually looks lot like David Archuletta)Can’t see why Adam would not have done him…..

  • romeo

    LOL @ Kevin: are you the “Kevin” we used to have in here on Adam threads that turned out to be a woman? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  • ewe

    I am not nor never have been defined by my

  • Cam

    He looks a bit like if Justin Long went to the gym and got a better haircut.

  • kris

    … maybe not just bought it, but this is definately post-Idol.

  • Michael W.

    Who doesn’t believe the story is true? Adam would be nuts to turn down a chance to get up in this guy’s ass. With those lips and that compact gymnast body, mmm! That’s just how I like my boys.

  • EQ82

    Don’t care, not true, go away.

  • romeo

    @Timothy: LOL! Do you know where you are here?

  • romeo

    @EQ82 #13: pathetic

  • Devon

    I can already feel the ground rumbling from the sparkle cow stampede this post is sure to result in.

  • jon

    Intimate relations between people are just that. . .intimate. . .personal and private. This dude is a sad jerk.

  • marco

    Anyone else think he looks like Corey from the “5 Awesome Gays”, on Youtube?


    @David Ehrenstein: Sorry hun but my cock would not get hard for Adam Lambert if my drunkest day and horniest day just happen to be on the same day………

    Try not to speak for “we all” okay?

  • MuscleBoy

    Pathetic, narcissistic, self-absorbed queen who needs to get a life, get a job and keep his mouth shut. God, what a loser.

  • JP

    @Michael W.: No one believes it’s true because he ain’t Adam’s type lmfao.

    Adam’s never dated anyone who hasn’t been lean, elfin and androg. This guy is none of the above.

  • Eh

    Not only did this guy not say anything about Adam that the fans don’t already know, he even got a couple of things about Adam completely wrong. Like what he was wearing during his audition, for example.

    I doubt this story is true.

    Either way, how classy of him to share it with the world. I’m actually surprised this hasn’t happened before now, considering Adam described himself as having been a “slutbag” when he was younger.

  • joliee

    Adam Lambert didn’t own a black Trans until after the Idol tour.

  • Bluesloosescrews

    I do question the validity..but so what ?? The guy seems like s starstruck nitwit…if Adam fcked him, he probably lost some IQ points doing the deed.

    However, you guys have it wrong on the car, Adam has a convertible black MUSTANG….which is pictured in that link someone posted above. No clue if he ever had a Trans Am, but the Mustang was part of the runner up prize on Idol.

    The biggest problem with this story is that the dude was only 17 when they supposedly hooked up. Not smart.

  • Anirak

    Am I a bad fan for considering that this might be true? It’s not very classy of him to share it to the world, but the story didn’t seem particularly far-fetched.

  • benlayvey

    @ewe: Hear hear! Your name [EWE], is it an abbreviation of some sort or does it reference a Ghanaian tribe? You will forgive my curiosity.

  • William Day

    Lambert was in Wicked? I suddenly have to care about him, Godsdamnit.

  • Brian En Guarde

    I can’t stand that guy’s look. Queerty’s crush is endless, and it is annoying. The black eyeliner, the blow-up hair, every picture of him with his doucheface: “ooh! I am so gothic and mysterious! I am such a rebel, a renegade, and iconoclast. So deeply darkly sexy.” If I see one more photo of him being this frozen, mannequin, soft-punk douchebag I am going to scream.

    I am starting to wonder if you cut and wipe all of the black bullshit you find just another ug-dog Justin Timberfuck underneath.

  • anyway

    Given the chance, I’d do this kid too.

  • chris rushton

    @Eh: lol how did I get his audition outfit wrong Cuz I doubt you got to see him at the cow palace stadium! lol

  • chris rushton

    @JP: lol funny how people act like they know his type after seeing him on tv with a couple of guys!!! lol

  • chris rushton

    @kris: lol did you not hear that we fucked before idol lol! he had one before! lol but thanks for the attempt to prove me to be lieing!

  • MuscleBoy

    Chris, you are SO pathetic. Get a life man, gossiping about Adam Lambert like a silly little girl, acting like some femme emo tramp. Man, u really have nothing to do but sit at home creating stupid little videos to see if you become famous? and when that does not work, you have to allegedly reveal intimate details of someone else? Wow, what a douchebag you are. Quite a prize for whomever you end up with. Embarrassing.

  • kris

    Well, either it’s not true and fanboy merely seeks attention, which after reviewing his past Twitter and Youtube accounts, seems the more likely scenario…. or it is true and he waited a year to speak up because it took him this long to figure out that Lambert wasn’t coming back for seconds. Either way, you have to question his stability.

  • romeo

    @ MuscleBoy: You think Adam doesn’t want to be gossiped about? Especially since this guy is actually cute? Like you broads are gonna be able to micromanage Lambert’s sex life. LMFAO !!!

    BTW, Chris, you have NOT revealed any intimate details yet. SPILL! HA HA HA HA HA HA

  • benlayvey

    @anyway: I would not! I’m gay because I like MEN not men want to be women. Makeup on men scare me stiff!

  • benlayvey


  • terrwill

    I am kinda sorta hoping that that really isn’t Chris Rushton posting here. ‘though if it is a fake the dude put a lot of time into it………If it is Chris those incoherant posts make me very ascared for your future patients as a nurse……

  • kris

    No. 45 · terrwill… No kidding, I would think that spelling would be a basic requirement for any nursing program, not to mention a certain level of maturity… they do usually interview prior to acceptance. Perhaps an LPN program is not quite so stringent, he certainly won’t make the cut for acceptance into an RN program if that’s the best he can do. He’d better hope that his future employment prospects don’t do a background check.

  • tazz

    Let’s simplify things,

    1) If fanboy here is telling the truth, then he should simply shut up about it. It’s no one’s business to begin with I certainly don’t think Adam (granted this is true) would want something like this out. I don’t care if he’s a celebrity, it’s personal.


    2) The (likely) situation is you have an overly obsessed fan with too much time on his hands, garnering for attention in any way possible. What a sad, pathetic way to live especially when you try living vicariously through a fantasy sexual-partner of someone famous.

    Either way, the only thing 100% is we’re dealing with an attention-whore who’s peak in life involves getting lucky with a singer from American Idol.

  • romeo

    @ Tazz #47: Let’s REALLY simplify things, shall we?

    Numero Uno: I love Adam and have bought and gifted more of his albums than anybody I know, BUT “attention-whore” is an absolute prerequisite for going into show business, you know, Adam’s business, so pointing the finger at Chris seems woefully beside the point.

    Numero Two-o (or “Dos” if you prefer): If I were Adam, I would far prefer the fact that it’s a reasonably cute guy spilling the beans here, rather than some of the skanks all the gay guys here know he settled on at 2 a.m. when the lights were coming up and the bouncer was yelling “All right, all you cunts, the party’s over.” Let’s be realistic.

  • romeo

    and yes, Virginia, gay bar bouncers by 2 a.m. will sometimes refer to their brothers as “cunts.” Something ought to be done about that. LOL

  • kris

    I don’t care how cute this kid is, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be associated with this kid and his antics… he’s an embarrassment at best.

  • romeo

    @ Kris #50: Say what?!

  • romeo

    Guy was too much of a bear. Wonder if he was serious?

  • kris

    An embarrassment, as in it would be embarrassing to be associated with him… at least until he grows up a bit, and/or learns how to spell. There’s more to life than nice lips… sometimes what comes out of them matters as well, lol.

  • romeo

    LMAO: He’s young, cute, nice bod, nice lips…and he needs to know how to spell???? You CAN’T be serious!

  • tazz

    “Beauty fades but dumb is forever” – Judge Judy

  • Dirty Ole Man

    Am I the only one who thinks Chris looks
    mildly retarded? And if he did sleep with Adam,
    who was the “TOP”? My mother’s french poodle
    is more masculine than both of those lisping queens
    put together…


  • romeo

    @ Dirty: He’s 19. Everybody at 19 is mildly retarded. And while you’re doin’ your mother’s French poodle, I’d squeeze Chris anytime.

  • Dasher

    Chris is a good-looking young man and it’s no crime if he can’t spell; many young people today can’t, because of our dumbed-down education system, and our dumbed-down American culture: which is why pop culture thrives on which hetero is cheating on his wife, or vice-versa (or which guy is beating up his girlfriend, etc.) Many Americans are more interested in whether Brad Pitt will get back together with Jennifer Anniston than whether or not the U.S. will achieve energy independence.

    Sorry, that’s just the reality of American life, and we have to deal with it. What’s new is that this pop obsession with celebrity (which keeps People Magazine afloat, and now, apparently, Queerty) has now been extended to the Gay World. That’s us, peeps.

  • Dirty Ole Man


    Ha! I’d probably do him too, as long as he keeps
    his mouth shut! He reminds me of a cheap uglier version
    of Brent Everett…

  • romeo

    Dasher, I just have to ask this. Are you for real?

  • trash

    Lol sorry but this boy just sounds and acts like an obsessed fanboy with a fantasy. Dude sticks out like a sore thumb amongst Adam’s hookups and exes:

    Adam Lambert said one of the major turn offs for him were “muscles” and vapid people who don’t have any sort of direction or drive in life. ‘Course he could have been shitdrunk but it still sounds like total BS lmao.

  • MissTransSylvaniaTV

    @romeo: You´re a moron Romeo.

  • Michael W.

    @Dirty Ole Man: Adam was definitely the top.

  • OompaLoompa

    Tacky tacky tacky. Crass beyond belief.

  • romeo

    @MissTransylvania #62: Is that the best you could do? LOL

  • romeo

    Amazed that Queerty hasn’t run a thread about the codpiece Adam wore at the Sydney Mardi Gras concert. LOL

  • hephaestion

    Chris and Adam look a lot alike & have very similar talents and interests. They’d make a great couple.

  • alan brickman

    Adam was definately the top in this experience…

  • nudegayguy

    @David Ehrenstein: i’d love to do the deed with both of them. mmmm.

  • Oscar

    @Dirty Ole Man: You´re right, I think he is autistic.

  • MissTransSylvaniaTV

    @romeo: You are not worth more than that dahling.

  • Catttt

    I think the kid’s lying, but if not, Adam topped. But I still think he’s lying. Unfortunately (for nosy people like me) Adam’s real exes are gentlemen and therefore don’t share stories or pix with the general public.

  • romeo

    Adam’s like the rest of us. He goes for what’s available when he’s horny. As long as there’s a dick.

    I get so unnerved when I see all this manic control exhibited by Adam’s fangirls. If I were Adam, I’d be seriously terrified.

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