Fake Jake

UPDATE: If only Jake Gyllenhaal Had Posed In His Briefs Like Grace Jones, We All Would Have Won

THE SHOTBrokeback babe Jake Gyllenhaal strikes a Grace Jones’ iconic pose [UPDATE: Or maybe not — see below] on her Island Life album cover. And while we always love seeing fine men posing in briefs, you Mr. Gyllenhaal are no Grace Jones, not with that butt… yet we’ll still spend a second giving you our visual approval anyway.

Also for your information, physically recreating Ms. Jones’ pose is physically impossible without a photo illustrator boyfriend.

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UPDATE: The scuttlebutt around the Internets is that the photo isn’t real. Even if that’s the case, though, we’ve seen quite a few photoshops in our time and we can tell from the pixels that this image is awesome.

In fact, it’s almost as awesome as this other fake screengrab from his new movie, which is about … oh who cares what it’s about.

Here’s the original image, which is lovely but just doesn’t have the same appeal.