Where In The World Is Former Rep. Aaron Schock These Days?

aaron-schock-abs-360x443When Rep. Aaron Schock resigned from office last month following a series of revelations about his spending habits, he said he was leaving with “sadness and humility.” (Not so much the latter, since he compared himself to Lincoln in his farewell speech.) He might also have added that he was leaving with no forwarding address. Schock has disappeared so completely that even process servers can’t find him.

Two weeks ago, Howard Foster, a former donor, filed suit against the lavish-spending Schock for fraud. But Foster’s attorney is now complaining that he hasn’t been able to track down the resolutely heterosexual gym bunny.

Attorney Daniel Kurowski says that he found the Peoria address that Schock listed as his residence vacant. Schock’s attorneys did not respond to Kurowski’s inquiries. Schock is “certainly aware of the lawsuit, from what I can tell,” Kurowski told a court. Kurowski did not specify if he looked in any closets.

The disappearance is particularly ironic given Schock’s previous proclivity to post pictures of himself in exotic locales, preferably in poses that show off his athletic prowess and well-waxed chest.

Meantime, the process servers aren’t having a hard time finding Schock’s former staffers. So far six of them have been served with subpoenas to testify before a grand jury investigating whether Schock misspent campaign and Congressional funds. Schock may want to enjoy his freedom while he can. It might not last much longer.