White House Bravely Regurgitates Definition of DOMA


“DOMA is a federal law passed by Congress that precludes uniform federal recognition of same-sex relationships, even those recognized as valid under the law of the state. Because the President believes that this is an issue that should be left to the states, he continues to support the legislative repeal of DOMA.” That’s the White House’s official response to a press conference question earlier this week asking when, exactly, the president would make good on his campaign promise to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. The White House’s answer to that question, uh, does not answer that question. In the meantime, consider this nugget of wisdom: “DOMA is a federal law, passed by congress, just like the 55 speed limit once was. Just like 55 was repealed by a vote of congress DOMA could be also. To be written into the constitution it has to be passed by a 2/3 vote in congress and then approved by 38 states. This did not happen with DOMA so DOMA is a law subject to repeal by a congress vote. That is a big distinction.” Sounds like a good briefing room follow-up question.