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  • chadnnocal

    Good for you, for the first time in my life I feel like I am not an American

  • Mike

    Then you probably shouldn’t be one.

  • afrolito

    I completely agree with Whoopi.

    I shed tears of joy last night.

  • Vinman

    Get over yourself chadnnocal! I had tears of joy last night, until it looked like “Yes On Hate” was going to pass.



    HOPE made a comeback and wiped Marriage Equality in California.


  • Psychofag

    Chadnocal, you cam always move to Jupiter, or thw Andromeda, there are no AfroAmericans there

  • Phoenix (Who voted "NO" on 102 and Wants To Kick A Something Hard)

    @ #6,

    Er, I don’t blame Whoopi for “YES on 8” (or black people), I blame stupid backward religion and superstitious crap. I’m really, really glad Barack Obama won (I voted for him after all), but I’ve got to tell you all the anti-gay law in the country passing at the same time really sucked the joy out of Barack Obama’s win. This should have been a joyous celebration of the end of the Republican/Bush regime of right-wing nut-fuckery and a return to sanity and freedom (for everyone). Instead of freedom, our second class citizenship was enshrined in law.

    Don’t be surprised if people are bitter and unhappy.

  • chadnnocal

    Ironic day.

    After the Obama administrations “disturbing” brief in support of the Defense of Marriage Act last week. DOMA allows states to refuse to recognize same-sex marriages, and denies federal benefits to married same-sex couples.

    Yes we can’t…

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