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Why Hatboro, PA Rejected Gay Anti-Discrimination Ordinance: Too Costly

We generally don’t chronicle every city council’s (sometimes successful) attempt to pass local anti-discrimination ordinances, but today I’d like to highlight what happened in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, just north of Philadelphia. The LGBT-inclusive Human Relations Ordinance was a go last month when it passed in a 4-3 vote, Democratic Mayor Norman Hawke vetoed it last Monday. And when the council tried busting the veto with a required 5-2 majority vote, it failed when the three Republican “no’s” remained opposed. So what does Hawke have to say for himself for blocking a measure that would expand the state’s anti-discrimination laws in housing, employment, education, and public accommodations? That the issue should be handled at the state and not the local level and, reports PhillyBurbs, “supported enacting a resolution to urge [lawmakers in] Harrisburg to act.” As for Republican councilmembers John Zygmont, Bill Tomkins and Vince LaSorsa, who voted against it? They were concerned “about costs and possible legal problems the borough could get into while looking into discrimination complaints.”