Why Isn’t the Mormon Church Campaigning Harder Against Salt Lake’s Discrimination Bill?


Isn’t Salt Lake City supposed to be home to America’s largest tax-exempt bigot institution? Then who does this city think it is, trying to pass a bill banning discrimination against LGBTs?

Democratic Mayor Ralph Becker, who took the job last year, has already been circulating a draft of the bill for public comment, and next month is expected to hand a final version to the City Council for a vote. “I’m committed to promoting equity and achieving the ideals of our Constitution — that no state shall deny any person equal protection [under] the laws,” says Becker, which must’ve caused the Mormon Church to raise its eyebrows and stammer, “Who elected this guy?” (For his part, Becker promised to work with church leaders, but only about things like climate change.)

The city ordinance — which would add sexuality and gender identity to a list of protected classes when it comes to things like housing and employment — would certainly help folks like Candice Metzler, a transgender woman who lost her job at a home inspection company after clients complained about her dressing as a lady.

Of course, discrimination based on LGBT status is a unique problem that only Salt Lake City suffers. It certainly does not extend all the way to Anchorage.