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Why It’s Hard Out There For Gay Comics

When I first did stand-up at a gay show, I felt like they hated me since my jokes got little reaction. I talked about this with my then-therapist. He asked what I wore onstage, and I told him jeans and a tight T-shirt. He suggested I wear baggy clothes because maybe the crowd saw me sexually without listening to me. I was dubious, but wore a baggy button-down shirt for my next gay performance. Surprisingly, the audience connected much more with my jokes, and I realized that gay men separate their sex and comedy.

—Adam Sank, the NYC-based comedian, on why straight male audiences, which are “visual” creatures, might not take a liking to gay comics [via; photo via]

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  • Tallskin

    I have nothing to say about this. I just wanted to be the first to make a comment, vacuuous and silly though it might be.

  • EdWoody

    I remember Adam Sank being quite fuckable.

  • Sean

    @Tallskin – you get the prize for first, but @EdWoody wins for vacuuous [sic] and silly.


    Doesn’t really make sense. For the most part for some reason comics no matter what the sexual orientation or gender tend to be kinda sorta bland looking (except Jeffree :p). There really is not a lot of expectation that you are going there to see them but rather to hear them and hopefully someone who can provide more than a few chuckles………..

  • jamison

    same thing with chicks who have to appear more masculine to come across as funny

  • David Ehrenstein

    “Masculinity” has never got in Alec Mapa’s way and he’s one of the funniest people alive.

  • FrankLeeMyDear

    It’s only when I remove my clothes that I hear laughter.


  • Thomas

    Vidur Kapur could wear a flour sack on stage and I’d still find him incredibly sexy. Oh, and funny, too.

  • Ian

    Some of them have a hard time simply because they aren’t that funny, as in at ALL. The Big Gay Sketch Show is a good example; 50% of the cast are pretty funny, but the other half I wonder how they pull a paycheck on a weekly basis, they are so flat.

  • L.

    Eddie Izzard gets tons of laughs while never wearing any baggy, button-down clothes.

    But then again, he’s got oodles of talent, and some may do worse than try that.

  • Adam Sank

    Thanks for the shout-out, Queerty, but there’s an error in the tag line. It’s not STRAIGHT male audiences who have a problem separating sex and comedy, it’s GAY male audiences who do.

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