Why Should John McCain Care What Gay Soldiers Think About DADT?

When Arizona’s Sen. John McCain visits the troops in Afghanistan — not just the straight or the gays ones — he thanks all of them for their service. And just because he’ll have a say as to whether DADT is repealed, it’s not like he feels any obligation for speaking to homosexuals about it. Ladies and gents, prepare yourselves for McCain’s biggest stumbling on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in, well, probably just a few hours.

“I make that determination [that DADT is working] by retention and recruitment is at an all-time high, the highest in the history of the all-volunteer force,” says McCain, oblivious to the fact that other factors — 9/11, unemployment rates — might play a factor in both of these things. “I get that opinion because I visit with the troops all the time. I go to Iraq, I go to Afghanistan, I run into them everywhere. And of course I don’t seek out someone who is gay. Why should I? These are all men and women who are serving. Why should I, that would be nuts. I go up to men and women and I say thanks for serving. I say thank you for serving, you are great Americans, God bless you.”

Other indicators McCain might be just as out of touch as you thought? During a sit-down with the Arizona Star‘s editorial board, he uttered things like …

• “Now the military is an organization that is designed for one purpose and one purpose only, to fight and win wars. That’s the only reason why we have a military.” (What about peacekeeping, national security, and trying to avoid killing people?)

• “That’s why we need to review the policy and find out what the effect is on the military and their battle effectiveness. That’s why we need an extensive review and listen to the commandant of the Marine Corps who says it should not be repealed. Listen to the men and women in the field, listen to the families of those who are serving rather than fulfill a campaign promise. Now the reason why the president declared this is because it was a campaign promise, not because our military is hurting, not because we’re having difficulties in the military.” (Unbeknownst to McCain, the military is spending hundreds of millions of dollars training gay servicemembers it could dismiss at the drop of a hat, and that sounds like something that could hurt things.)

• “Well, according to polls, I think that the overwhelming majority of members of the military support it. So I’m sure I can find people who don’t like any policy that the military has. But the majority of the members of the military strongly support it, and they worry about battle effectiveness if they change the policy. That’s why we have to have a thorough and complete review before we change the policy. And that’s what I said two years ago and that’s what I said two weeks ago and that’s what I said yesterday and that’s what I said today. We need a thorough and complete review before we change the policy and its impact on battle effectiveness and listen to the members of the military, not just because we are fulfilling a campaign promise by then-candidate Obama.” (Military decisions have always been democratic, right?!)

• “As Colin Powell said when don’t ask, don’t tell was first inaugurated, there’s a difference between sexual preference and the color of one’s skin. That was General Powell’s statement. [Star: That was years ago.] He was in favor of it, and now he’s come out … for the repeal. Yeah. I think what he said then still holds true today, that it is a different issue. I think Colin Powell wants to repeal don’t ask, don’t tell. I don’t think he views it now as a civil rights issue, though.” (Hmm, you should probably ask him about that. But is that your professional or your personal opinion?)

• “Well, if the president finds out at the end of the day after the review that it’s working and an important policy that can be maintained, that he would maintain the policy. I think that’s fair.” (And if the review finds DADT should not be maintained?) “I’m not going to deal and hypotheticals as to what would come out.”

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  • Lanjier

    You would think after suffering as a prisoner of war, McCain would understand how and why dehumanizing soldiers is a very bad, dishonorable and disgusting thing to do.

    But dishonoring gay veterans is what McCain does best. They should have left him in his Hanoi Hilton cage until he learned a thing or two about human dignity and service to one’s nation.

  • Kieran

    If you’ve been feeling down because of the state of the world, just remember…..this guy could have been President MaCain. Cheer up.

  • AlanReeser

    Well, then what does McCain care of what we as gay people in the United States and here in Arizona think of him?

  • tjr101

    Could John McCain be actually this stupid or is it that he is just playing for the stupid vote that is the majority of the GOP base. McCain is in trouble right now facing a primary challenger that is a lot worse than he is (yes that’s actually possible).

    It’s a sad state of affairs when you have all this crazy talk defending the indefensible policy like DADT to get elected. During the presidential campaign I thought McCain was indeed losing his bearing, now he needs to be admitted to a mental institution.

  • AlanReeser

    McCain is in a very touch re-election battle with former Rep JD Hayworth who claims to have tea party backing. McCain is stupid enough to believe if he goes hard right, as he’s done for the last few months, it will help him. You are aware he said he never was a ‘maverick’ but the clips shown on Hardball and Countdown he’s caught in that gigantic lie. Especially biting is when Chris Matthews held up the latest book on McCain with the word maverick on it.

    McCain is nothing but a politician – Doing absolutely anything he can to win the primary, then the November election. Here in Arizona, people are voting for Hayworth so McCain loses his seat, then vote for the democrat, whoever that may be.

  • jeffree

    Bottom line question that McCain avoids time after time is whether the US military prefers to kick out gay men & lesbians who are other wise well trained & qualified to fight the wars *OR* prefers to let them get fired because they are LGB—an issue which has NO relationship with their qualifications or capabilities?

    McCain is trying to hang on to his seat in Congress. His motives confuse what is *best* for him & what is +best+ for the military.

    Wrong priorities, there for him, on all counts! Kick out gay/lesbian soldiers and he won’ t find 2 many willing replacements in a dirty, deathly, war.

  • Robert, NYC

    The now debunks the myth that McCain was a “maverick” He’s just a mouthpiece for the teabaggers, up there with fellow psycho talkers Bachmann and Palin. A real asshole. This is the face of the GOP as it approaches the 2010 primaries thinking its going to win big.

  • Cam

    It’s funny how he says a policy is working because the military has high retention rates right about now. So then what did it mean a few years ago, when the economy was booming and not one branch of service, except for the Marines made their quotas year after year after year. Did that mean that at that time the policy WASN’T working?

    So by McCains idiotic logic, he could just as easily say. “Well segregation was working in the U.S. military, after all, we won World War 2, and a military is for fighting, therefore it was a sucess, so therefore, segregation was working and good for the military.”

    What you are all seeing is the real McCain, he doesn’t actually THINK about policies, he thinks about what he needs to support to win an election, then he will set about saying whatever he needs to say to back up that position. If the tea partiers wanted gays in the military, make no mistake, McCain would be out there trying to repeal DADT. He has no integrity, and only does whatever he has to do to maintain his job and his payday. He would sell his kidneys to lobbyists and go on Dialasys if that was what he needed to win the next election.

  • NAP79

    This dinosaur has out-lived his usefulness.

  • B

    No. 7 · Robert, NYC wrote, “The now debunks the myth that McCain was a ‘maverick'”

    National Banana has a “Maverick John McCain’s theme song” video, which did a pretty good job of debunking it just before the election:

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